Special Bachelor of Education Intake (Deadline: 31 Mar. 2020)


Since 2011, the Ministry of Education has been taking in students with Sijil Menengah Agama (SMA), Sijil Menengah Ugama (SMU) and Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) for Bachelor of Education program.

This was the result of a Proposal of the 10th Malaysian Plan made by the Prime Minister in 2010. The opening for SMA and SMU are for meeting the needs of teachers in Islamic Education; and for UEC are for meeting the needs of Chinese language teachers at National-Type Chinese Primary Schools.


  • Malaysian;
  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with 5 credits including Bahasa Malaysia and English and also pass History.

Application & Enquiries:

Obtain further information from https://www.moe.gov.my/pemberitahuan/kenyataan-media/iklan-pengambilan-khas-pismp-2020 and apply online via http://upu.moe.gov.my before 31 Mar. 2020.


Written by:
Ms Wee Hui Bieh, AFMSA, Mar. 2020

Information Source:
Malaysian Ministry of Education website

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