Reading Books Online Via National Library’s Digital Library


To encourage the general public to read books, the National Library has created a site,  To read a book, one only has to register on the web portal and then log in. To read the book, click on the button “borrow”.

The books are in English and in Malay. There are also some Chinese books. They cover a wide spectrum of interests, including the following categories: travel, general novels, teen novels, Indonesian novels, history, true crime, comics, wedding, general academics, religion, family & health, autobiography & biography, recipe & cooking, Christianity, home deco, accounting & statistics, tots & toddlers, Islam, motivation, politics, romance, chick-lit, children, lifestyle, science, business & management, pet, finance & investment, magazine, language & dictionary, sports & hobbies, classics, parenting, law, engineering & IT, school exercise, art & graphic.


Written by:
Ms Wee Hui Bieh, AFMSA, Jan. 2017

This post is also available in: zh-hans简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))