World Largest Student Entrepreneur Programme – In 3 Cities in Italy in July,Registration Opens Now


European Innovation Academy (EIA)  is organizing the world’s largest entrepreneurship program from 9 to 28 July, 2017 in 3 cities in Italy,  offering students an experiential learning opportunity on tech start-up development.

The aim of the program is to enable multidisciplinary and international teams to bring their new products to the market in 15 days. Students are coached by 150 international mentors, VCs and speakers to achieve this.

EIA program is developed by the representatives of the top Silicon Valley institutions – UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Google. The network of partners include universities like University of Calgary, Tsinghua University, Melbourne University, Delft University of Technology and many other renowned universities.

The program comprises 70 sessions over a period of 20 days, as follows;

Week l – Meet & Greet; Promoting Yourself; Multicultural Team Management;  Platform Innovation: How to not Repeat Taylor Swift vs Spotify; Platform Scaling: Amazon vs Alibaba; 5 ways to Create MUER Business; Fashion Thinking;  Problem-Solution Fit; User Experience Design; Online Evidence Searching;  Google Tools Exploitation; Customer Persona Design; Creating Customer Value; B2B & B2C Innovation Systems; Customer Feedback Collection; Integrated Product Development; MVP Prototyping; Digital Prototyping; Quantified Self: Hacking your Life; Survival Guide & Experiments for Entrepreneurs.

Week ll – Self Driving Car Industry -Disrupting All Industries; Uber, Airbnb & Testa Disruption Strategies; Business Model Canvas; Business Model Global Scalability; Growth Hacking Strategies; Protovation; Customer Engagement;  Revenue Model Design; Revenue Model 1 to 1 Clinic with Top Experts; Go-To-Market Plan; Marketing & Distribution Channels; Social Media in Marketing Strategy; Marketing Campaign Design; Using Big Data; Search Engine Optimization; Google Ad Words Campaign; Product Development (Web/Mobile/Physical); UX/UI Design; Artificial Intelligence Economics: Future Products/Services; 1,000 Customers Acquisition in 100 hours;  Product Launch Tactics & Experiments; Personal Ferrari Driving Experience:1-60 mph per 2.9 sec.

Week lll – PR & Branding; Funding Strategy Specification; How to Build Finance Strategy as Elon Musk; Funding Alternatives; Intellectual Property Protection Plan:IP 1 to 1 Clinic with Top Silicon Valley Experts; Startup Finance; 8 Things VCs Think About when Valuing your Startup; 10 Rules of Thumb for Startup Investment Valuation; Financial KPIs Calculation; Pitch Desk Design;  Crowdfunding Campaign; VC Funding Tricks; Meeting with VCs;  Fireside Chat with Early Stage Investors; 1 to 1 Meetings with Top Silicon Valley VCs; Pitching Carousel; Pitch Like a Boss; Open Business Models,Services & Innovation; Getting Access to Markets, Technology, Finance in Co-operation with Established Corporations.

EIA sessions are organized in 3 different Italian cities:

→Team Formation and Ideation in Turin
→ Real Life Customer Validation in Milan
→ Product Sprint in Turin
→ Product Launch in Rome
→ Finding the First 1,000 Customers and Silicon Valley Investor Pitch in Turin

The registration fee for the programme is  €1,499 ( by 28 Feb. 2017 ) and  €1,699 ( by 31 March 2017, the official closing date ). Accommodation cost for the entire programme is about €650- 750. Participants are also responsible for their own airfare. However, those who register in groups are entitled to discounts.

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The organization brings together educators, researchers, policy makers and practitioners of small businesses from around the world to share knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, enabling members from around the world to gain access to the best minds in business, education and government. Over the last 50 years, the ability to develop these personal and professional contacts in various countries and across cultures has given ICSB members an advantage in the global market.

International Council for SME & Entrepreneurship (ICSMEE) Malaysia, established in 2013, is ICSB affiliate in Malaysia. Although a young association, ICSMEE has experienced robust growth and currently has a branch in Penang. ICSMEE is headed by Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Mamat, a former Secretary-General of Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Dr Zakaria Taib, an intellect and senior corporate figure.

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Written by:
Ms Wee Hui Bieh, AFMSA, Feb. 2017
Youth Advisor & Media Liaison
International Council for SME & Entrepreneurship (ICSMEE), Malaysia, an affiliate of ICSB

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International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

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