Easy Loans for SMEs To Expand Business & For Young Start-ups


If you are a small business looking for a loan to get some working capital or to expand your business; or a young start-up looking for a loan to start your business, but has no collateral, CGC may be your answer.

Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad or CGC is a subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia, established on July 5, 1972. Its main objective is to support and assist marginal but potentially viable small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), particularly enterprises without collateral or with inadequate collateral and track record, to obtain financing from the financial institutions. In addition, CGC also facilitates SMEs access to financing through its guarantee schemes to help those without collaterals.

In its early years, CGC’s main aim was to assist the small enterprises particularly in agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. As the Malaysian economy expanded and diversified over the years, the demand for CGC’s guarantee services also grew in tandem to cater for larger credit facilities required by the medium-sized SMEs.

Today, CGC also provides advisory services such as financial and business development, credit information and credit rating services in collaboration with SME Corp and Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Through the Bureau, CGC helps SMEs to improve their credit worthiness and bankability to enable them to secure favourable financing and credit terms from the banks and other credit grantors on their own merit.

In recent years, CGC has forged strategic alliances with fellow banking partners to offer cost-effective and efficient financing to SMEs. To date, CGC has assisted via over 444,700 financing to SMEs valued over RM63.6 billion since its establishment.

Below are 3 popular and useful schemes for SMEs and young start-ups offered by CGC. Basically, they do not require collaterals.

BizSME –Financing To Grow Your Business

This is a loan for financing growing business and for working capital. It is offered in collaboration with OCBC Bank. Interested applicants can visit the nearest OCBC branch to enquire and apply for the loan.

BizMula-i –Financing For new Businesses

This is a loan for start-ups. Company must be less than 3 years old. All you need are a sound business plan and a strong ambition. This loan is offered by CGC. Interested applicants can visit the nearest CGC branch to enquire and apply。

BizWanita-i – Financing For Women Entrepreneurs

This is a loan for women entrepreneurs. All you need are a sound business plan and a strong ambition. It is offered by CGC. Interested applicants can visit the nearest CGC branch to enquire and apply.

There is a least a branch of CGC in every state. There are a total of 16 branches in the country. For list of CGC branches and further details on the above loan schemes, refer to www.cgc.com.my

CGC also welcomes invitation from social organisations and the private sector to give talks to the public on its financing facilities and services. Call CGC’s Clients Service Centre for more information at 03-78800088, email to cgc@cgc.com.my or visit Facebook at www.facebook.com/cgcmy


Written by:
Ms Wee Hui Bieh, AFMSA, Jan. 2017

Information Source:
Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad.

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