Average Annual Remuneration Of Engineers Increased By 27.28% From 2008 To 2014


The average annual remuneration of engineers increased by 27.28% from RM90,744.00 in 2008 to RM115,500.00 in 2014. This is the finding of The Employment Survey 2014 conducted by the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM). In terms of gender, male engineers commanded a higher annual income than female engineers.

The survey also made a study on the average remuneration based on qualification level for both working engineers/corporate members and graduates. It shows that engineers with PhD qualification earned the highest remuneration at 1 to 10 years working experience where 87.5% of the respondents were working in universities/colleges. However, for engineers with Masters, remuneration increased in line with their years of working experience. Both working engineers/corporate members and graduate engineers who were fully employed, had a high and stable increment of remuneration and this corresponded to years of experience as compared to self-employed engineers.

Survey on Current Issues

Efforts were also made to assess the perception of engineers on current engineering programmes in universities and other related issues though this survey.

The result shows that more than 25% of respondents were uncertain about these issues; 18% replied and agreed that the syllabus of some universities were outdated and mismatched with current job requirements.

In the same survey, about 21% of respondents answered that students should master one (1) additional global language besides English in order to improve their job competitiveness.

With regards to the shortage of engineers, most respondents were still divided on this issue but 25% slightly agreed that overall, there was a shortage and 14% slightly agreed that there was a shortage of engineers in some disciplines.

In this survey, IEM sent out 21,000 forms to its members. 952 of them or 4.53% responded which was a relatively small sample size. So it may not reflect a true picture of the engineers’ employment status, remuneration and perception on the current issues. However, IEM felt it was acceptable to conclude the engineer’s annual income had increased 27.28% in the last six years (2008 to 2014).


Written by:
Ms Wee Hui Bieh, AFMSA, Jun 2016

Information Source:
JURUTERA, March 2016 Issue,
Official Magazine of
The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)

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